Course Rehab™ Mastermind

It’s Not A Course.

It’s Your Positive Intervention.

Course Rehab™ Mastermind

It’s Not A Course.

It’s Your Positive Intervention.

There is no “magic pill” to make you an overnight success.

You crave a real community and success in your business that makes you proud to be an entrepreneur.

 But, sometimes that’s so hard with all the things to do. 

You’re ready to get rid of: 

> The all nighters doing #ALLTHETHINGS to reach your goals.

> All the information to get through so you can feel like you’re able to call yourself an expert without feeling like an imposter. 

> The fake it till you make it mantra your last coach gave you.

> Wasting time working ON your business instead of spending time IN your business

> The days, weeks, months, and years feeling mis-aligned with what you do and missing out on precious family time. 

There absolutely has to be a better way than what you’re going through right now. You’ve often wanted to scream at the sky and yell, “Why doesn’t someone just tell me what to do!” But here’s the problem with that. What has worked for others is not going to work for you. Because you and what you do are unique and and out-of-the-box, cookie cutter style business and marketing plan isn’t going to change everything. 

 You know it and I know it…

The world is full of information. 

It’s what you do with  it that matters.

Following every online guru’s advice, over flowing your inbox with freebies, and watching every dang webinar you can opt-in to ……makes you beyond frustrated because what they said to do, step by step, hasn’t worked for you the way you’d hoped.


You’re at the point where you’ve taken ALL.THE.COURSES and your brain feels like a messy file cabinet exploded information all over the place.

There are some incredible courses out there and some may have helped you move forward, but the one thing that has gotten in your way is you.

When you don’t feel in alignment with yourself and your message, no amount of list building, webinar pitching, or guest blogging will work – because you need crystal clear clarity, consistency, and the right intentional actions for YOU. 

Course Rehab™ Mastermind is where you can get the heck out of your own way – without feeling the paralyzing fear that you’ve been living in.

You’ll have the safe space for yourself to mentally process what is getting in your way of success, to gain the skills you need to take the necessary actions needed to grow, and a supportive community of like-minded women who want you to succeed.

Course Rehab is NOT another course.

It’s your positive intervention.

See What Others Are Saying…


The indecision and lack of confidence that held me back in the past, isn’t an issue anymore. I can’t believe I’ve built the foundation of a business I’ve dreamt about for years in just a few weeks with Jessica’s help. Jessica has helped me pinpoint my goals and talents all together.

Lisa C.

Owner of Treehouse Marketing Agency

Jessica is fantastic to work with! Working with Jess eliminated the stress of launching for me completely! She excels in helping develop a strategy and then mapping out the tech and behind-the-scenes details to bring your vision to life. I am so grateful for the level of care and support that she dedicated to working with me in growing my business.

Tahira B.

Teen Life Coach & Business Specialist

This is THE mastermind created for you to gain clarity, action & momentum.

Think about HOW MANY YEARS you’ve spent over analyzing your next moves before you shared your next idea, program, or offer in your business…..

 How long has it been since you’ve had consistent income in your business?

Where your clients took raved about you and the results you helped them achieve?

I know you’ve been dreaming big for a loooonnnnggg time. 

Big goals are NOT crazy. Not taking action is. 

(Cute white jacket with a matching belt is not included when dreaming BIG.)

It’s about time you created a new story for your future that is filled with possibility + progress, because you worked hard to make it that way.

The 12 Steps of Course Rehab™ are here to help you succeed!

In this 90 Day Experience, you will go through a the 12 Steps of Course Rehab™ to overcome your course addiction + to show up and sell like the expert you know you are.


I’ll work with you to overcome your money blocks, understand your triggers for buying and binging information – (so you won’t continue to collect digital dust on unused courses), guide you to create a plan of action to get you solving your client’s problems using your inner power of brilliance, and finally you will graduate, by taking massive action to make your dreams a reality. There are no modules or lessons – but there will be guides, progress reports, and the support you need to go do the work.

This 12 week process will require you to put in the work. To be committed to yourself and your business so that you can break free of what is holding you back, conquer your fears, and create an action plan that you will follow through on to reach your BIG goals. 

You’ll have the guidance, support, personalized assessments and actions plans to follow through this time. 

It works if you work it and if you work it – it works.

Course Rehab is The Only 90 Day Mastermind For Coaches + Consultants Who Are Ready To…

✔︎ Improve your business success by taking massive action towards your goals.

✔︎ Get out of the cycle of binging on information.

✔︎ Grow your coaching business with confidence and a personalized plan that doesn’t lead to burnout.

✔︎ Gain a support group of like-minded people who are ready for a brilliant breakthrough, just as much as you are.

✔︎ Get visible online + work from your zone of genius- so you can show up as THE expert authority in your niche.

✔︎ Create crystal clear messaging and positioning of your offer.

✔︎ Build an engaged and targeted audience based on research – not guessing games.

✔︎ Create a new future for yourself + your business.

12 Steps to Freedom

Here are The 12 Steps That

We Will Go Through


Acknowledge + Affirm.

Here you will acknowledge you have a problem and affirm you will abide by the commitment you have made to yourself and your mastermind sisters to no longer keep your business in the shadows of the internet. As part of your plan, while you’re in Course Rehab™, you will also agree to not purchase another course or program so that you can stay focused on the positive changes that will occur as part of this intervention. 

It’s time for a new reality and you’re ready for it! 

This week will include creating your personalized daily prescription for getting out of your head, managing your time and efforts in your life and business, understanding what to outsource, and sharing your past story that has kept you where you are, instead of moving forward. Each group, may determine the next steps within goal setting. This is your personal treatment plan after all. 

You will be given a success partner for the program – where you will have additional support to help hold you accountable in between our sessions. 

Additionally, each week, you will all have a customized action plan of what you must follow through on that week. Jessica will be checking in at the next call to celebrate your actions and results. 

Trust + Forgive. 

This week you will be deepening your inner strength and trust in yourself and your abilities. You’ll be sharing your money story and blocks and we will work together through creating your new reality.

Money is simply an exchange of energy – and this week you’ll be ready to receive by letting go of what has held you back in the past.

It might feel scary – but in order to create a new life – you must be willing to get uncomfortable. You’ll be working through exercises in self forgiveness for any past shame, comparison-itis, or fear that has held you back. Then, we will prepare to have you rewrite your story to get out of the past and into the present. Guest facilitators may join us for this rewrite journey.


The red pill or the blue pill………Nope. There’s no “magic pill” to make you an overnight success.

Simplicity is what you need more than anything.

This week we will be deciding to not stay where we are. To take massive action. To feel excited for everything we will create together over the next few weeks. You will be deciding what you want your business to look like and what you need to DO to make that a reality. Vision boards can be a part of your homework, but they are not required. This will be an expansion into your goal sheet where we will reverse engineer your steps so that you have more information into “the how” instead of feeling lost. 

You’ll be setting goals for the entire program using The Course Rehab™ Tracker Tool and will be updating it as you go. 

Evaluate + Examine.

This week we will be discussing where you have come from and where you are right now as a result of your past. We will then evaluate your education, your experience, your goals, and knowledge that you have RIGHT NOW to offer your clients. 

In addition, Jessica will personally take all of your past testimonials, feedback, and survey results and will use qualitative analysis to draw out major themes, language, and possibilities within your data. This aids in helping you create your next programs using their actual words. 

Research & Review.

This week you will have your personalized results back from your data, so Jessica will go over that with each of you within the group – so everyone can see how this will positively impact your future. We will share insights into what we have uncovered about our clients and programs. If more time is needed, an additional 1:1 call will be set up to cover those results. 

Jessica will teach you how to continue to uncover your client’s needs so that you don’t have to guess or try to show up like everyone else online. She will share how to avoid burnout in your coaching business through funnels + automation, relationship marketing, tailoring business models, outsourcing, and creating aligned programs based on your personal treatment plan.

You’ll be taking that information and creating a system for solving your client’s needs and wants. 

As with every week, you will each have an opportunity to share what is working for you and what you need support around. 

Create + Do.

You’re going to take MASSIVE action. Based off of your research and review, you will now create one signature offer, identify who this is for, and the ways you will share this with your audience. This will be the only offer you focus on for the next 7 weeks of the program. This is based off of the system that you created in step 5 for how you provide the solution for your client’s needs and wants. 

You will be given proven relationship building techniques and comprehensive guides on lead generation using highly targeted ads and coaching strategies online and in-person. 

Starting this week, you will follow through on your goals you have set for how many sales conversations you will have per month and will be tracking your progress to share with the group in The Course Rehab™ Tracker Tool.


This week we will go over leveraging other people’s audiences, effectively using social media platforms to build a stronger “know, like, and trust” factor, and list building options. 

As always, each week you’ll be sharing your efforts and results with the group and are given an opportunity to ask questions for greater clarity. 

Jessica will share techniques for leveraging video within LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook as a way to connect with your audience in a more personal way. 

Serve + Sell. 

This is where we will conquer sales conversations and overcoming objections with ease. You will be given feedback on one of your recorded sales conversations individually (in between weeks 7-8). We will discuss your experience with sales calls prior to and during this program so that you feel fully supported in this process and can ask any questions that come up. 

Your mastermind sisters will share what has worked for them in the last few weeks in regards to serving and selling and Jessica will provide additional insight into this process when questions come up. 

Follow Up.

Week 9 gives us the opportunity to discuss the magic of following up – and Jessica can assure you – The Magic Of Following Up Framework™ will bring you joy. (*ting!) 

She shares the masterful art of following up with potential clients and knowing when to let them go. She will also discuss the tools she uses for on boarding clients and follow up that can actually give you back some more time in your business. 

Of course your weekly check in of your efforts will be shared and everyone will get an opportunity to share their progress and wins.

Visibility RX.

Let’s look at how you’re showing up online and how clients are finding you. Ideally, you want to be visible enough that they come to you – so that working together feels easy and you’re not chasing them. 

Jessica will share details on ways to become more visible and keep that momentum rolling so you become known and recognized. 

She will review your funnels (AKA: Customer Journeys) and will optimize the customer experience to improve them.   

Jessica will offer visibility tips for social platforms (for 3 main platforms). 

As always, you will get the opportunity each week to share what is working well for you and what you have tried during our time together. 

Listen In.

This is the step where you take time to reflect on what you have created. You’ll come prepared to the call to re-affirm your commitment and to support your sisters of Course Rehab. This will require pen to paper to commit to yourself…

✔︎  To take the daily mindset prescription.

✔︎  That you will only use mindful marketing™ instead of trying everything at once.

✔︎  That you will trust yourself because you know you don’t need to purchase every course on the market to find your answers.

This week will also include any updates on your progress within your business, celebrating your successes, and discussing your current and immediate future plans. 

Consistency Plan.

Here we are at the 12th step of Course Rehab. This week we develop our consistency plan. This includes how often we are sharing offers, our year mapped out with future programs and actions, plans for how many calls we need monthly to reach our goals, as well as a list of ways to stay consistent with social media. 

Jessica will share how to repurpose content so that you don’t experience burnout and end up trying to find a “magic-overnight-diamond-in-the-rough” course when you feel like you have had enough. You’ll know the actions you need to take to stay out of that space and will be able to wisely invest in the right course for your business when it comes along, and complete it! 

Upon graduation you will know for certain that you have put in the work to make big changes in your life and business. At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have a clear plan for your goals and will know the steps to get there. You may have more clients, more income, and more fulfillment in your life and business. You’ll feel equipped to handle temptations to course binge as your plan will be in place to choose your new path in business.

The choice is yours – as you will feel empowered to keep going with your progress. 

This is also an opportunity to ask any additional questions you have around scaling what you have created – as Jessica will hold nothing back in regards to your strategy, marketing mentorship, or funnel options for your personal business plan. 

Jessica will be following up with you beyond the 12 weeks (with 1 additional 1:1 call), as part of your aftercare to offer additional support and to celebrate everything you have continued to accomplished in your coaching and consulting business. 

Check into Course Rehab

to create the powerful change you deserve!