Create Your Business Eco-System | EP 15


For many women entrepreneurs, the idea of becoming financially independent is both exciting and terrifying. I know you’re tired of spinning your wheels to make your dreams happen and today’s guest is going to help you build up even more resilience to take serious action.

Rebecca reveals her tips for creating your dream business to finally eliminate the patterns and subconscious beliefs that hold you back, so you can break through to the next level of success.

She takes a fierce, laser-focused approach to help women create 6-7 figure businesses and lives they love because she believes that “when women are financially empowered, the world changes for the better.” 

Resilient CEOs meet Rebecca Satori.


  • Why being a financially independent businesswoman is important to your future success. 
  • How you can keep things simple and build a largely impactful business at the same time. 
  • What steps you can take daily to make massive momentum in your business. 
  • How to know when you need to gain support to grow your business and develop a stronger mindset. 
  • The incredibly simple connection tool that works well to connect with potential clients in the coaching profession (that not everyone is using or even knows about). 


I’d love to hear your experience with growing your business to a higher level than you have in the past. What you feel would change for you if you were in alignment with your goals? Leave some comments below. 


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