Do You Have Analysis Paralysis? | EP 1

Most people are so afraid they are going to make a mistake. That they will choose the wrong idea, the wrong platform, the wrong course, or the wrong coach – and then they don’t do anything.

They get stuck in their own heads about what could go wrong, instead of what could go right. Instead of living in the possibilities of where they are right now, they focus on what is happening around them – instead of what is happening within.

Analysis Paralysis is defined as “The state of over-analyzing and overthinking on making a decision so that we don’t take action towards our biggest dreams and goals.” AKA, “decision overwhelm”.

It takes a toll on our sense of self, our productivity in our business, and most importantly our well being. When you feel terrible about yourself, you really don’t have faith in your goals and dreams and won’t give yourself any grace when times get tough.

On today’s episode, I’m going to share more about my experience with this phenomenon the 8 most important steps to overcome analysis paralysis that you can follow today to get the heck out of your own way.



  • My experience with analysis paralysis and how it almost killed my business.
  • How to get out of analysis paralysis using my 8 steps.
  • What to expect going forward in this podcast.
  • Why you’re still stuck in your business and are not getting the results you want.
  • The mindset hacks to overcome the internal fear and anxiety you’re feeling.
  • Find out if you’re an “A” or a “B” personality when it comes to making decisions and how to use that as fuel to take action. 



I’d love to hear your experience with analysis paralysis. What have you held yourself back from in your business and life due to this phenomenon?

Share more in the comments.

Also, message me on social media and tell what you’ve been holding yourself back from so I can support you!






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