The Importance Of Practicing Mindfulness

with Mark Waldrop | EP 17


Do you think mindfulness is just a trendy thing that only yogis do? Think again.


Mindfulness is a practice that has been used in boardrooms, in classrooms, and is even taught online. Influential business leaders such as Steve Jobs, Arianna Huffington, Russell Simmons, and Oprah Winfrey practice mindfulness and integrate meditation into their daily routines. Studies show those that practicing mindfulness daily can change the way our brains are programmed to look for and recognize success and to aid in eliminating ruminating patterns on a fixed and negative mindset. 

Mark Waldrop, LPC joins us today to discuss how fear of the future and anxiety can contribute to an increase in stress and a reduced feeling of accomplishment as we run our business and live our lives. He shares a valuable exercise you can integrate now to improve your present and future self. 

On today’s episode, I interview Mark Waldrop, Licensed Professional Counselor about the importance of integrating mindfulness into your day and how you can gain a tool that enriches your experience while you are running your business as an online CEO.



  • How his journey to starting his own business led him to focusing on helping his clients live better, more fulfilled lives. 
  • The simple things you can do to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine. 
  • Why ruminating on the past and forecasting the future is dangerous for your brain development and is sabotaging your success in business. 
  • How recognizing negative belief patterns are valuable in creating a new story and what you can do to stop them right now. 
  • A simple mindfulness exercise you can learn and apply right now so you can reduce stress, enhance your sense of calmness, and gain an increase in focus in just a few minutes a day.



I’d love to hear your experience with integrating mindfulness into your day. Have you used this to reduce stress and bring yourself back to a place of enhanced focus and productivity as an online CEO? What has worked well for you and what hasn’t? I’d love to hear your insight in the comments!



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