Funnel mappy to success  |  Ep 2



Do you understand your customer’s journey? It’s important to be able to effectively navigate the adventure you want them to take so they develop a positive relationship with you, your products, and services.

Josh Koerpel, founder of Funnel Mappy, (The Planning Tool Top Marketers Trust To Craft, Organize, And Quickly Build Effective, Money-Making Customer Journeys) and creator of The Fire Builders. He joins us to talk about his business, life, and the mindset and marketing it took to stand out.

On today’s episode, I interview Josh Koerpel about his development process in getting to where he is today and how his passions and ideas have led him to making a greater difference in other entrepreneur’s lives.



  • How his journey through life helped him create something that changed the digital marketing industry forever.
  • Why being resilient is not something you’re born with and how to work on it daily.
  • What Josh’s lightbulb moment was when developing Funnel Mappy.
  • The steps he took to effectively validate his ideas before putting them out there.
  • How to reverse engineer your goals to reach them without overwhelm.



I’d love to hear your experience with sales funnels, productivity, and entrepreneurship.

What are you using to map out your funnels? What are you doing to live an adventurous life as an entrepreneur? S

Share more in the comments.



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