You might get asked this all the time at in person events or at coffee with your other online business owner friends. The question pops up non-chalantly as if they are asking about the weather and for the beginning online entrepreneur – can cause massive anxiety. 

“How Big is Your List?” – It’s a perfectly good question and something that you need to pay attention to. 

It’s the one thing that you are told we “own” and that you need to use well, because if it is ignored – you will lose years of hard work to cultivate a list of people who at one time were interested in our valuable content online. There are some important things to remember when it comes to list building and managing what you’ve built – so on today’s episode, I’m going to share with you ways you can build your list and how to keep them engaged to create raving super fans. 

In the world of online business, size doesn’t always matter.  At least when it comes to your email list. 

This is The Resilient CEO Podcast. 


  • Ways you can build your list to gain raving superfans that want what you’re sharing.
  • Why list size doesn’t alway matter and what actually does.
  • How you can tell which of your freebies are the most desirable in just a few days.
  • Who you can look to that can help you grow your list (It’s probably not who you think).
  • The #1 thing that most online business owners do that kills their list and what you can do to not be like everyone else. 


I’d love to hear your experience with list building in the online space. What are you doing to grow your list of engaged subscribers and what helps you continue to keep them engaged? 

Share more about your experience and thoughts in the comments. 


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