improve your perspective

WITH photographer caroline white | EP 13


Are you ready to improve your perspective?

Today’s guest will help you improve your perspective to reinforce that you are on the right path in entrepreneurship and the importance of sticking to your dreams – even when it might seem challenging. 

Caroline White is a professional brand photographer, creative powerhouse, a world traveler, and an incredible artist, who loves helping others create personal brands that shine their clients most positive and playful personas. 

On today’s episode, I interview Caroline White about her journey as a photographer, entrepreneur, and a beautiful creative soul that is making a positive impact on the world. She has taken the online entrepreneurship world by storm and has some incredible things to share about what has helped her show up and stand out as a leader in her space. 



  • What helped her to effectively market her “Power of Brilliance”. 
  • Why it’s okay to stand in your power as an entrepreneur and show up with confidence in a crowded marketplace. 
  • How to handle negative comments in the online business owner space. 
  • Why patterns of success are really hard to break and how that can propel you for even more success.
  • How she takes care of her mental health as an online entrepreneur and why she feels that is a non-negotiable.
  • Why self care is super important if you want to be a true high performing + balanced entrepreneur. 
  • The importance of keeping your boundaries in business and in life. 
  • Why having incredible images add value to your success as an individual and an entrepreneur. 



I’d love to hear your experience with showing up as yourself in the online business owner world. Have you gotten incredible photos taken for your personal brand and if not, what are you waiting for? It’s time to show up as your confidence self! Share more in the comments. 



Find Caroline White online:









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