Are you experiencing a resistance to being resilient in your life and business? Like you just can’t seem to go with the flow and feel stuck. Making changes can be uncomfortable, especially when we are faced with our own truths and flaws. Even when those changes may benefit our future goals, we keep ourselves right where we are because it’s more comfortable to be in the familiarity. 

Will you be resistant to change or develop the resilience to push through the tough stuff?

On today’s episode, I share more about how you might be resistant to resilience in your life and business. We’ll look at The 5 Stages of Behavioral Change and how that effects your ability to go with the flow. 


  • What the 5 stages of Behavioral Change are – and how that can influence your success. 
  • How to use these stages to examine where we are and where we want to go. 
  • What tool I recommend to assist with client on boarding. 
  • What you can do to take action to increase your visibility. 
  • Why you might experience each stage more than once when working to become more resilient. 
  • How being resistant to change isn’t necessarily a bad thing – as it builds up your resilience to push through challenges.



I’d love to hear your experience with resistance to change. What stage of behavioral change are you in and what are your goals with making those changes?

Share more in the comments.

Also, message me on social media and tell what stage of change you’re in right now, so I can support you in moving through it!







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