the art of instant influence

WITH jess penesso | EP 11


    Are you growing your influence online in a mindful way? It’s more than just posting to get vanity likes to develop as an influencer in the “right” way.

    She shares more about how her journey has helped women grow their personal brand online and their following in a way that makes them feel excited to run their dream business.

    On today’s episode, I get to interview Jess Penesso, founder of The Mindful Influencer Podcast and The Instant Influence™ Program where she shares more about her journey and what she suggests when growing your online following.

    This is The Resilient CEO Podcast.


    • How Jess Penesso’s experience in marketing and yoga helped her develop a mindful influencer group, podcast, and program to help others become influencers.


    • Why you need an audience before you have something to sell to them.


    • What platform is the best place to start for those looking to create real relationships right now.
    • What she suggests for those people that are afraid of showing up online.


    • The mindset shift you can use to break through fear when getting visible in the online space.
    • The value of pivoting in your business and when to know to make an aligned adjustment.


    I’d love to hear what you think it takes to be an influencer with intention and what you’ve been focusing on lately to help grow your influence. Leave more info in the comments!  


    Find Jess Penesso at her website:


    Get Your Next 1k Followers Webinar:

    Instant Influence Program:



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