In the world of online entrepreneurship – you spend A LOT of time alone. 

Hanging out in your yoga pants, watching webinars – opting into all the freebies – getting stuck in FOMO on your social media newsfeed for 20 minutes, getting ready to plan your content, get your head right, wrapped around all the things you need to do……..which leads to an endless cycle of not taking action and feeling even more ………. 




Human beings, by nature are not meant to be alone. We thrive in groups, in communities, and with other human beings who we can relate to, share our frustrations with, and have a combined set of values with. 

Taking this road by yourself without support from a community that gets you is the slowest path to gaining the success you want. 

On today’s episode, I’m going to share with you why getting involved in a community of like minded people will help you sky-rocket your success. Also, you’ll learn how you can effectively build relationships – and it doesn’t involve spinning your wheels to gain traction in your business by cold messaging everyone with a lame inquiry about what they do. And I thought I would share more about the importance of being involved in the right community for you and how you can tell in the first 5 minutes if the online group you are exploring will be worth your time and effort. 

This is The Resilient CEO Podcast. 



  • Why building your business by yourself is the long and deserted road to success.  
  • How you can tell in the first 5 minutes if a group is going to be worth your time. 
  • Ways you can build authentic relationships in the online communities you’re in. This will help you grow and will also offer support to others. It’s a win-win. 
  • When to know you need to have an online community diet – especially if you haven’t been active in those 40 groups you’ve joined. 
  • Why cold messaging people in groups or dropping your sales page links and running isn’t the way relationships are built. 


Seriously, tell me what you have LOVED about the online communities you’ve been in and what you feel has been missing. The comments are yours to share what’s on your mind. 



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