Do you feel like you’re holding yourself back from following your passion because of fear? Perhaps you have been thinking that your not able to follow your online business dreams because you have the cards stacked against you. In today’s episode, I interview one of the most inspiring business owners that has been through a lot of challenges and has persevered through it all to share his excellence with the world.

Matthew Lamarand & Ashaleena Lamarand are the founders Dogology University & Pawsome Parents. Matthew shares more about how his journey as a military dog trainer lead him to where he is today, helping his clients create better relationships with their dogs. He has been able to take his revolutionary training methods online as well as into his local market to teach owners how to have better training experiences and relationships with their canine companions. He believes and teaches the philosophy that training your dog shouldn’t feel like combat ™

This is The Resilient CEO Podcast.



  • How Matt developed a passion for helping dogs and how he was able to take his education and experience to a global audience.
  • The one thing that has helped Matt bounce back when facing challenges in life and in business.
  • How Matt has taken online dog training online to help owners become “Pawsome Parents”.
  • What Matt’s lightbulb moment was when he embraced the power of personal development.
  • Matt’s insight into why there is no “magic bullet” and one way to find your own success.
  • The value of having support and hope in your life and business.  
  • How sales funnels can be applied to your online business and in a non-complicated way.
  • Why social funnels are a much better way to attract your ideal clients and the best way to create relationships.
  • How having your partner’s support in online business can provide the emotional support you need to keep going when things get difficult and how that can strengthen your business and your relationship.



I want to know more about what you struggle with when running your online business and how Matt’s story has inspired you to keep going. Tell us more about your love of dogs and why you want to be a “pawsome parent” or to learn more about effectively training your dog.



Dogology University:

Join Matthew Lamarand’s Community: Pawsome Parents

Matt’s recommended books: Think & Grow Rich, How To Win Friends and Influence People

Access Online Therapy:

Get your FREE E-Book from Matt, “6 Five Minute Activities To Teach Your Dog For A More Peaceful Home” @

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  1. Brandy Cullen

    I’m so proud of you Matt! You and Ashaleena have made me so proud! I’m so blessed to be your aunt!! Looking forward to reading your books!!


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