With so much noise on the internet with how to best market what you do online, how do you know what the best path is for you?

The mindful marketing framework will help you decide – so that you’re not running around the interweb trying to be everything to everyone and suffering from the dreaded burnout that happens when you’re following everyone else’s path. 

The mindful marketing framework is simple, but most online marketers are not using this process. 

On today’s episode, I want to share with you how you can simply integrate this into your business so that you can get the most out of your online entrepreneurial experience. It’s time to let go of the anxiety of staying relevant online and getting real with what you really need to ask yourself to show up as a mindful marketer. 

This is The Resilient CEO Podcast. 


  • Why most online business owners are not marketing their business mindfully.
  • What you can do now to improve your ability to get clients this week.
  • Why trying to be in too many places and all of the social media platforms can actually hurt your reach. 
  • The next steps you need to take to become more mindful about how you’re putting your content out to the world and what to avoid. 
  • The value of staying in your lane and following through when it comes to marketing a clear message. 


I’d love to see more details about what you’re doing for marketing your online business now. What you feel has worked well and what hasn’t. Also, I want to see what you desperately need help with! Leave a comment below and let me know! Or send me an email at 


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